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Talend company provides a set of high-performance solutions for integration and data management:
  • Talend Data Integration: A modern tool that allows you to accelerate the development and configuration of integration by 10 or more times. Integration components can be reused. Processing and data conversion.
  • Talend Big Data Integration: Big data integration and management.
  • Talend Data Catalog: Administration of data arrays, documentation, delimitation, search and analysis of data from various sources.
  • Talend Data Quality: Data quality management, deduplication, filtering, automatic selection of low-quality data.
  • Talend Data Preparation: Modern data preparation tool. Less time for preparation, more for analytics. The ability to load, unload and combine data from various sources, setting up the necessary rules and algorithms.
  • Talend Data Fabric: Collect, Govern, Transform, Share. A comprehensive product that includes all the main Talend tools for processing, managing, analyzing and exchanging data.
Our company is a partner of Talend and has extensive experience in implementing Talend products for data processing and management, as well as using Data Integration tools in our project activities.

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