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Reunico Customer Office

Web application that provides interaction between the client and the service provider (bank, insurance, telecom, management company).

done Based on latest technologies such as Angular and Google Material
done Integration with Camunda BPM (starting the maintenance process, obtaining information on the status of the maintenance process)
done Hierarchical service catalog
done Integration to pubic services API

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Camunda BPM

Open-sourced platform, based on the following standards: BPMN (business processes automation), DMN (business rules management) and CMMN (event-oriented approach to process management).

done Open-source code(Community edition), Apache 2.0 / MIT licenses
done Technology stack based on popular language Java
done The founders of Camunda BPM are also a co-founders of BPMN 2.0 standard
done Organizations around the world use Camunda BPM to automate their business processes

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OTRS Framework

One of the most successful and long time existing open source systems, successfully providing interaction with customers, automation of IT services and various workflows.

Explore OTRS use cases, the abilities and functions of both the standard and extended ( versions of the system. screen
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QBIS Core Banking

Core banking / QBIS

Support and development of banking software (products, online services and core banking)

Talend Open Studio MDM Server

Talend MDM / ETL

Extract Transform Load software. Master data and references management. Data integration.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

«Would you like your business to quickly adapt to a fast-changing environment? Would you like to know how to mirror your business reality in your IT system? Our experts will help you.»

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