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settings Open Technology - Real Services

  • Established since:
  • Totally open source
  • Unlimited concurrent users
  • Various use cases
OTRS 6.0.4 Dashboard

OTRS in the world language

  • 5000 + members
  • 170 000+ active installations
  • 38 languages

donut_large Supports six ITIL v3 processes

ITIL v.3
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Asset & Configuration Management
  • Change Management
  • Request Fulfilment
  • Knowledge Management

history Use cases

Industry sector Use case
IT Services
  • Helpdesk and Service Desk
  • Time Accounting
  • Configuration Management
  • Knowledge Base
Real Estate Management
  • Facility Management
  • Processing of applications of property owners and tenants
Software Companies
  • Customers and Partners relations
  • User Support
  • Managing the Software Development Cycle (Waterfall or Flexible)
  • Task Management
  • Time Accounting
  • Resource Management
Trade, services, telecommunications, production, finance
  • CRM
  • Claim works
  • Time accounting
  • Workflow (Process) Management

flight_takeoff What is Reunico OTRS?

A great experience in both implementation and self-use of OTRS, allows us to offer customers a number of improvements to the system, significantly expanding the possibilities of its application, providing high reliability and performance. The solution is based on the OTRS :: ITSM version 6 framework and is assembled individually, according to the requirements of the particular customer.
OTRS Bitbucket Connector
Fig.1. OTRS Bitbucket Connector
OTRS: Process Management
Fig.2. OTRS: Process Management
OTRS: Graphical CMDB UI
Fig.3. OTRS: Graphical CMDB UI
OTRS: Resource management
Fig.4. OTRS: Resource management

done_all Comparison of OTRS Free and Reunico OTRS

Module / Function OTRS Free Reunico OTRS
Service Catalogue++
Service Desk++
Web services (REST/SOAP)++
Process Management++
Knowledge Management++
Time Accounting++
In-memory cache+
Jira connector+
BitBucket connector+
Graphical CMDB, visual links and relations+
Telegram integration+
VoIP integration (Asterisk, Mango Telecom)+
Automatic reporting+
ERP and accounting data integration (1С, MS Dynamics AX)+

gavel Success stories

Service desk "from scratch"

  • Customer: Medium retail bank (Moscow, Russia) (15 branches)
  • Number of employees: more than 600
  • IT Departments: 38 employees
  • Tasks: technical support of business units and customers
  • Requests per month: more than 6500
  • IT payroll cost – more than $ 730 000. (2013)
  • As Is: IT staff is distributed between the central office and the offices. No centralized Service Desk service, maintenance of IT services is carried out chaotically, specialized software (ITSM) is also absent.
  • Solution: OTRS Service Desk, OTRS ITSM
  • Project duration: 6 months
  • Solution cost: ~ $ 60 000
Business goals

  • Reduction of the first response time
  • Reduction of incidents resolution
  • Reducing the cost of IT services
Project summaries

IT payroll cost (USD) 730 000 613 000
IT Department (num. of employees) 38 32
Requests (new tickets) per month 6500 4300
First responce time (min) 120 15
Full decision waiting time (hours) 27 6
Migration from JIRA Service Desk to OTRS

  • Customer: A corporate bank that provides financial services to companies including remote banking services through the client-bank system (Moscow, Russia)
  • Number of employees: ~ 350
  • IT Department: 28 employees
  • Tasks: technical support of customers
  • Requests per month: more than 3000
  • As Is: JIRA Service Desk (Data Center), 50 agents. Annual license payment above $ 12 000
  • To Be: Migration to OTRS Service Desk. Total cost of system installation, integration and customer staff training was $ 23 000. No license payments.
  • Estimated savings: $ 37 000 in 2015-2019.
Business goals

  • Reducing the costs of the Service Desk software
Project summaries

IT Department (number of employees) 25 25
Service Desk Software JIRA Service Desk OTRS Service Desk / ITSM
License (number of users) 50 unlimited
5-years license cost (USD) 60 000 0
Implementation cost (USD) 0 (existing software) 23 000

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

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