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CamundaCon 2019 Berlin

Last week the amazing event took place in Berlin - CamundaCon 2019


Every year many people from around the world travel to Berlin to take part in CamundaCon, annual BPM conference arranging by Camunda company for all the customers, partners and enthusiasts, who are curious to know about BPM software and meet professionals. Even guests from such remote continents like South America and Australia arrived to Berlin and got very lucky with a nice weather.


Camunda company is a global provider of Camunda BPM, business process and decision automation workflow.

Well-organised event took place in September 12-13th, on the beautiful bank of river Spree. The session was opened by Jacob Freund, the company CEO and co-founder.


The reports been provided by many world-known companies such as: LinkedIn, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, ING and others. The main topics were: microservices architecture advantages, horisontal scalability, transformation from waterfall methodolody to agile, application integration with Camunda engine, business rules automation based on DMN, Russian spekers been presented by the biggest online bank - Tinkoff, with success story of migration from old legasy BPMS to Camunda BPM.


Camunda team shared some latest news about recent developments and updates: Cawemo, online collaboration service for business modeling, Camunda Modeler and Camunda Optimize. Many news been provided about Zeebe, recently announced workflow engine for microservice orchestration.

Despite many reports and quite a lot of news, the atmosphere of the conference been quite friendly and positive, even relaxed. Every guest been in a good hands and taken care of. There was many different dishes and drinks that everyone could enjoy between the sessions, during the lunch and in the evenings. Every guest been rewarded by the latest edition of Real-Life BPMN book, signed personally by the authors. Even Camunda beer been served! :)

CamundaCon2019 CamundaCon2019

While we all waiting for a videos from the event, the presentations are already available by the following link: