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Camunda BPM

Powerful execution engines for BPMN workflows and DMN decisions paired with essential applications for process automation projects.
The Camunda Stack
  • Workflow Engine - The Camunda Workflow Engine is the right choice for both (micro-)service orchestration and human task management. You can use it as a remote REST service or embed it in your Java application.;
  • DMN Decision Engine - The Camunda Decision Engine executes business-driven decision tables. This engine is pre-integrated with the workflow engine but you can also use it as a stand-alone application via REST or inside your Java application.;
  • Camunda Modeler - Made for developers, edit your BPMN process diagrams and DMN decision tables in Camunda Modeler. Deploy your workflows to the Camunda Engines to execute them.;
  • REST API - Interface for integration with external systems;
  • Java API - The Java API is the most common way of interacting with the engine;
  • Cockpit: With Camunda Cockpit you can monitor workflows and decisions in production to discover, analyze and solve technical problems. Cockpit is the perfect tool for technical process operations.;
  • Optimize: Use Camunda Optimize to create beautiful reports and arrange them in a dashboard for business monitoring. Configure alerts that fire when performance goals are missed and use advanced analytics to identify process bottlenecks.;
  • Cawemo: Collaborate with multiple stakeholders in the business-user-friendly Cawemo platform to create, edit and specify BPMN process diagrams for your developers to deploy.;
  • Tasklist: The Camunda Tasklist is a ready-to-use web application that allows end users to work on the tasks assigned to them. It provides additional visibility when using the Camunda Workflow Engine for human task management.;
Функциональные компоненты Camunda BPM
Camunda BPM components
Camunda BPM Platform Architecture
  • Camunda BPM platform is a flexible framework which can be deployed in different scenarios.
  • Camunda BPM can be used both as a standalone process engine server or embedded inside custom Java applications.
Embedded Process Engine
Embedded Process Engine
Shared, Container-Managed Process Engine
Shared, Container-Managed Process Engine
Standalone (Remote) Process Engine Server
Standalone (Remote) Process Engine Server
Clustering Model
Clustering Model
Camunda web applications architecture
  • JAX-RS based Rest API
  • AngularJS
  • RequireJS
  • jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap

payment Advantages for Business

  • Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is the global standard for process modeling and one of the most important components of successful Business-IT-Alignment
  • Camunda Modeler provides executable process models, easy to compehend by business users
  • Lesser (compare to legasy BPMS) total cost of ownership
  • The ability to control the process in the same form in which it's presented on the diagram (all business logic is available in the process models, not hided in the source code)
  • Business process monitoring in real time. Powerful BI tool with customizable individual dashboards and graphs

code Advantages for developers

  • You'll not be fired. That's right! Compare to many "zero-code" and "low-code" BPMS, Camunda emphasizes the significance of cooperation between business (creates business logic, managing business processes ) and IT (develops and provides service tasks, integration layer, control of process execution).
  • Greater stability of the business logic and adopt changes compare to other BPM systems where algorithms hidden in source code.
  • Monitoring and processing incidents (manually and automatically).
  • Execution of different versions of processes and migration of existing instances (already processed) to the new version.
  • Easy to embed process engine to J2EE applications, Spring Boot, microservices.
  • No need to reinvent the wheel - Camunda provides all the process functionality which is difficult and sometimes useless to develop from scratch.

settingsCamunda Use Cases

Solution Functionality
Process application
  • Automation of business processes of any complexity: loan origination, claims, processing applications, instructions and appeals, coordination of documents, interaction between departments, HR processes)
  • Service (automatic) and user tasks
  • Custom user interface (Custom UI) or Tasklist
  • Rich tools for integration with external systems (REST, SOAP, Kafka)
Business rules management
  • Loan calculator
  • Insurance calculator
  • Decision Making System
  • Scoring
  • Risk Management
Business process analysis
  • Easy implementation of Camunda into existing IT landscape (embeded into application, integrated with external systems)
  • Business process monitoring and optimization
  • Customers activity research
  • Business processes transparency
Microservices orchestration
  • Microservices management for critical business processes (ensuring the integrity and coherence of business transactions, incident handling, process monitoring)
  • Process engine is easy to embed into application
Replacement of legacy BPMS or Home-Grown BPM
  • An xcellent alternative to self-developed (home-grown) and maintenance-intensive process applications
  • If you are having difficulty with legasy BPMS product and find it too heavy, limited or expensive, you should consider switching to Camunda BPM.
Integration with RPA
  • If your business process consists of many rutine user tasks you probably should consider using Camunda together with RPA.

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