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Inside Camunda office

Before actual start of the amazing event named CamundaCon, we've had a chance to get a little inside and see Camunda office and meet the team.

The office is located in an interesting part of Berlin - Kreuzberg, it's actually just next to the historical center, 2 stations from Checkpoint Charlie.

Camunda office

Camunda company is growing fast and it's offices too :)

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CamundaCon 2019 Berlin

Last week the amazing event took place in Berlin - CamundaCon 2019


Every year many people from around the world travel to Berlin to take part in CamundaCon, annual BPM conference arranging by Camunda company for all the customers, partners and enthusiasts, who are curious to know about BPM software and meet professionals. Even guests from such remote continents like South America and Australia arrived to Berlin and got very lucky with a nice weather.

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OTRS and Active Directory Integration


When deploying OTRS in a corporate IT landscape, it is recommended to use MS Active Directory as user authentication source and account repository.

Active Directory could be used for:

  • Agents authentication and account storage
  • Customer authentication and account storage
  • Security groups mapping
OTRS Active Directory
Chart 1 shows the cases for using external client and agent account...

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Reunico - Camunda Certified Partner

Good news arrived early today.

We are proud to announce that Reunico team officially became a Camunda Certified Partner. During the recent year we did a great job in order to strengthen our expertise in Camunda: we participated in many activities like Camunda Con, meet-ups, webinars. various projects been successfully implemented. Anyway, certification required a weeks of preparations from us. We now can officially provide a full range of services to our customers: Camunda consulting, software development, project implementation, support. With all the modern technology stack, software tools and modelling standards we help customers drive the changes and transform business.

We are...

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Camunda Webinars

Camunda Logo

Dear friends, we are launching a series of webinars in English about Camunda BPM and particular use cases. Everyone welcome to join. The link shall be available soon.

First webinar is scheduled for April 7th, 10 am, Moscow time zone.

Please check it for updates.

Looking forward to see you!

Webinar link:

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Reunico company has announced it’s partnership with Camunda

Camunda Logo

Today we are excited to announce our official partnership with Camunda. With it's open source workflow automation and decision BPM platform, Camunda provides detailed visibility into business operations across distributed systems, boosts system resilience and enables enterprises to overcome “big workflow” challenges resulting from digital transformation. One of the fastest growing companies in EMEA as ranked by Deloitte, Camunda is based in Berlin with offices in San Francisco and Denver, USA.

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